What is NuWealth’s GB Bank Base Rate Tracker?

NuWealth’s GB Bank Base Rate Tracker is a free savings account that adjusts automatically with the Bank of England base rate, minus up to 0.5%, the very next day, eliminating the need for endless switching. 

Our Base Rate Tracker also combines the advantages of a savings tracker with the convenience of an easy access account. So not only do you get a competitive interest rate whenever the base rate changes, but you also don’t need to fix your savings for extended periods, you can deposit as many times as you like from £50 (minimum opening balance of £500), and you can withdraw your money easily once per month.

You will receive daily interest, and you're guaranteed to see your interest increase with any rise in the base rate, so you don’t need to worry about switching for a competitive rate.

Still have questions?

Contact support@nuwealthapp.com and our dedicated Customer Support team will be more than happy to help.