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Remember, your capital is at risk. Foreign exchange & other fees may apply, please see our pricing table.

FSCS Protected*​

Your money may be protected up to £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)*


Bank-level encryption. No data sharing with third parties without consent.


Loved by new and experienced investors alike. 

Choose from 30+ Themed Funds

Our Themed ETFs (Exchange-Traded Fund) make it easy to invest in the companies that matter to you. Choose from 30+ Themed Funds, managed by Blackrock, Rize, and Wisdom Tree. Some of our most popular Themed Funds include The Techie, Pure Gold, Medical Cannabis, The Blockchain, & The Battery Boom. Capital at risk
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Wombat Round Ups

Turn on Nuwealth Round Ups and we’ll round-up your purchases to the nearest pound, allowing you to invest your change. Bought a coffee for £2.60? We’ll round it up and add 40p to your investing account. A little goes a long way and adds up fast.
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Ready to take investing to the next level and automate the process? Auto Invest makes it simple to automatically invest your money each month. Choose the amount you’d like to invest, where you’d like it to go, and we’ll do the rest.
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Annual Platform Fee
FX Fees on foreign shares
Annual Fund Manager Fee (ETFs/Funds only)
Billed Monthly

Remember, your capital is at risk.

Unlimited commission-free trading
Open an GIA , ISA or a JISA
Global Shares in world-leading brands
Round Ups, investing your spare change
Auto Investing, to make building your portfolio effortless
UK-based customer support team, available 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Access to the Learning Hub
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Frequently asked questions

What are the fees for a NuWealth Standard GIA, ISA or Junior ISA (JISA)?

There is a £1 per month fixed subscription fee covering all transaction and investing costs, and grants you access to the Learning Hub, Round Ups and Auto Invest.

There is also a platform fee of 0.10% of your portfolio value, e.g. £10 per £10,000 per year which is charged monthly. At any time, you can view the fees you will pay per month for your Standard accounts by opening the NuWealth app > 'Account' > 'Fees & Charges'. These low fees make NuWealth one of the cheapest providers out there!

On some occasions, a 0.75% FX fee will be applied to trades on foreign shares only. 

Plus, where applicable, an ETF provider fee (0.07% and 0.75% variable based on the fund) will be charged annually, and billed monthly, depending on which themed fund you select. This isn’t deducted from your account but rather is reflected in the value of your fund.

View our pricing.

What is a General Investment Account (GIA)?

GIA stands for General Investment Account, and it’s a standard investing account which is not tax-free. This means that you are liable to pay taxes on any realised capital gains. However, there is no limit to how much you can invest, or how many GIAs you can have. 

With NuWealth's Standard GIA you can execute daily orders in ETFs and fractional shares, and utilise Round Ups and Auto Invest. 

View more information on our GIA webpage. Please note, tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in future.

What is a Stocks & Shares ISA?

ISA stands for Individual Savings Account. A Stocks & Shares ISA allows you to invest up to £20,000 per year tax-free. 

There are many types of ISAs, such as Cash ISAs, Stocks & Shares ISAs, and Innovative Finance ISAs. Previously, you could only open and fund one account per ISA type each tax-year, but as of 6th April 2024, there is no longer a restriction around how many ISAs of each type you can utilise in a year (as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for each type, and with the exception of Lifetime ISA). For example, you could open and fund two of the same type of ISA, like two Stocks & Shares ISAs, as long as the total amount does not exceed the £20,000 limit.

NuWealth offers a Stocks & Shares ISA. Please note, tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in future. We also offer a Junior Stocks & Shares ISA.

What can I invest in with NuWealth?

Themed Funds (or Exchange-Traded Funds)

With NuWealth, you can invest in themed funds (ETFs) in a range of sectors, such as gold, technology and ethical investing from just £10. We work with a number of ETF providers such as BlackRock, Vanguard, Amundi and Rize. Explore our ETFs to see the full range of options. Please note, ETFs are only available with a NuWealth Standard account.

Fractional Shares

You can also choose to purchase shares in global companies with fractional shares. Sometimes the value of a whole share can be high, which is why we provide fractional shares; fractional shares allow you to purchase part of a whole share for as little as £10. No matter your budget, you can own a piece of brands like Tesla, Apple, Amazon or AMC. Please note, some stocks are only available with certain accounts; the selection of individual fractional shares we offer differs on Standard and Instant accounts. Fractional shares are only available in General Investment Accounts, though whole shares are also available in ISAs and Junior ISAs.

How do I invest with NuWealth?

Investing with NuWealth can be done in three simple ways, all of which are completely optional and can be stopped or resumed at any time:

  • Auto Invest – invest a fixed monthly amount into Themes or stocks of your choice. Currently, Auto Invest is only available with Standard GIA, ISA and JISA accounts.
  • One-off Buy – as it says, make one-off investments whenever you like. One-off investments with our Instant GIA are instant, meaning they are executed immediately, within market open hours. One-off buys via our Standard ISA, GIA or Junior ISA (JISA) are executed once a day, during work days, around 15:00.
  • Round Ups – we round up each transaction you make (from a linked account) to save money towards your investment pot. Currently, Round Ups are only available with Standard GIA, ISA and Junior ISA (JISA) accounts.

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