What are the fees for a NuWealth Standard GIA, ISA or Junior ISA (JISA)?

There is a £1 per month fixed subscription fee covering all transaction and investing costs, and grants you access to the Learning Hub, Round Ups and Auto Invest.

There is also a platform fee of 0.10% of your portfolio value, e.g. £10 per £10,000 per year which is charged monthly. At any time, you can view the fees you will pay per month for your Standard accounts by opening the NuWealth app > 'Account' > 'Fees & Charges'. These low fees make NuWealth one of the cheapest providers out there!

On some occasions, a 0.75% FX fee will be applied to trades on foreign shares only. 

Plus, where applicable, an ETF provider fee (0.07% and 0.75% variable based on the fund) will be charged annually, and billed monthly, depending on which themed fund you select. This isn’t deducted from your account but rather is reflected in the value of your fund.

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