What are Round Ups and how do they work?

Round Ups allow you to easily build up a pot of money via rounding up spare change from your everyday purchases. So, if you use your linked account to buy a coffee for £2.30, we’ll automatically round it up and add £0.70 to your NuWealth account. Twice a month, we’ll invest the spare change directly into a themed fund, share or fractional share of your choice, or into your NuWealth cash account ready for you to invest.

Please note that if the spare change totals less than £10 at the time of the scheduled direct debit, the funds will not be debited from your bank and will instead carry over into the next scheduled date your Round Ups pot is due to be debited. The minimum investment value whether through Round Ups, Auto Invest or One-off Buy is £10. Round Ups will also never take you into your overdraft and you can pause or resume Round Ups at any time.

Round Ups are currently only available with a NuWealth Standard ISA, GIA or JISA. Fractional shares are only available in General Investment Accounts, though whole shares are also available in ISAs and Junior ISAs.

Still have questions?

Contact support@nuwealthapp.com and our dedicated Customer Support team will be more than happy to help.