How does NuWealth work?


Investing might be complex but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Once you’ve opened your investment account, whether that’s a Stocks & Shares ISA, Junior Stocks & Shares ISA, or a General Investment Account (GIA), you can get started with just £10. Browse the themed funds and stocks available in each account to choose your first investment. Tap ‘Buy’ on the app when you’re ready to go. Themed funds allow you to invest in a collection of companies at once, while individual shares allow you to invest in a specific company.. Start building good financial habits by enabling Round Ups and Auto Invest to invest regularly and build a diverse portfolio. Please note, the features available vary by plan.


Our savings accounts are designed to ensure you get more from your money, effortlessly. Our GB Bank Base Rate Tracker offers a highly competitive interest rate that adjusts automatically with the Bank of England base rate, minus up to 0.5%, the very next day. With our GB Bank Base Rate Tracker, you can be confident that you’re getting a highly competitive interest rate without the hassle of constant switching. We also offer 30-Day and 95-Day Notice Savings Accounts.

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