How do I withdraw money from my savings account?

Base Rate Tracker

You can withdraw the money in your Base Rate Tracker Savings Account once per calendar month, with no minimum withdrawal amount. To do this, open the NuWealth app > select your Base Rate Tracker > tap ‘Withdraw’ > input an amount > then tap ‘Go’. After submitting your request, the funds will take up to one working day to appear in your bank. 

Notice Accounts

For notice accounts, you must withdraw the full account balance, and the withdrawal timescale depends on which notice account you hold. For example, it will take 30 calendar days for your withdrawal to complete on a 30-Day Notice Account. Please note, the notice period begins the following business day after a full withdrawal is initiated, and if your notice period ends on a non-business day, then it will clear the next working day. The actual amount you receive will also include accrued interest earned during the notice period. To withdraw your funds, open the NuWealth app > make sure the correct notice account is selected > tap ‘Withdraw’ > tap ‘Continue’ to withdraw your full balance.

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