How do I set up Auto Invest with NuWealth?

Open the NuWealth app and make sure you have a NuWealth Standard GIA, ISA or JISA selected. Tap 'Portfolio', and then tap 'Auto Invest'. Here, you can decide how much you would like to Auto Deposit each month. You can choose to simply deposit this amount into your NuWealth cash account, or you can choose to Auto Invest it into one, or multiple, themed funds or individual shares. To do this, enter your Auto Deposit amount , and then scroll down to 'My Auto Investments' and use the + or - buttons to control how much you want to invest in each themed fund or stock. Please note, the asset must be in your watchlist or portfolio (previously invested) to appear as a choice. Once you are ready, tap 'Confirm Changes' (you may need to set up a direct debit mandate first if you haven’t done so before).

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