How do I permanently close all of my accounts?

If you leave NuWealth forever, your data will be permanently deleted (data retention: a minimum of 5 years, as per industry regulation), and your accounts permanently closed. Before you go, you need to ensure your total balance is £0 by selling any held investments and withdrawing all cash. Once completed, contact who can assist you with closing your NuWealth account completely. To leave NuWealth forever, follow the steps below for all of your open accounts.

  1. Sell (Investment accounts ony)

Go to the portfolio tab in the app, select an investment and tap ‘Sell’. Repeat for all held investments within the individual account. Please note, we are not liable for any losses or costs following the sale of your investments.

  1. Withdraw

Withdraw your full balance and wait for it to land in your nominated bank account.

Withdrawals from an Instant GIA are processed the same working day, and withdrawals on Standard accounts usually take 3-5 working days. Withdrawals from our GB Bank Base Rate Tracker are processed the same working day if placed before 11:30 am, and withdrawals for notice savings accounts depend on the notice period specified on the account.

  1. Finalise account closure

Once you have completed the steps above, email, confirm your full name, and let us know that you would like to permanently close all of your accounts and leave NuWealth forever. This will close your accounts, cancel your direct debit mandate, and disconnect any features like Round Ups or Auto Invest if you have a Standard investment account. 

Accounts within a cooling-off period

You can cancel your account within the cooling-off period if your account is eligible.

Important information:

  • We’re legally obligated to retain your data for a minimum of 5 years. See our Privacy Policy for more information
  • If you request a permanent closure, access to NuWealth and your accounts is unrecoverable
  • If you leave, it is not possible to re-join until the data retention period ends
  • Any promotional reward that has not yet qualified for withdrawal will be lost

Still have questions?

Contact and our dedicated Customer Support team will be more than happy to help.