How do I open a Junior ISA (JISA) with NuWealth?

Opening a JISA investment account with NuWealth is quick and easy. You’ll need to download the NuWealth app, available on the Play Store or the App Store. Once you’ve installed the app, enter your details to register for NuWealth, and then after you have successfully registered simply tap on the account you want to open to start the ID verification process.

You can open a NuWealth Junior ISA for any child who is resident within the UK and under the age of 16. You must be over 18 and hold legal parental responsibility over the child in order to open an account for them.

If you already have a Standard ISA or GIA, or an Instant GIA, and would like to open a JISA as an additional account, open the NuWealth app and tap the name of your existing account in the top left of the home screen. Then tap ‘Create new account’ and use the account selection screen to open a JISA.

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