How do I invest with NuWealth?

Investing with NuWealth can be done in three simple ways, all of which are completely optional and can be stopped or resumed at any time:

  • Auto Invest – invest a fixed monthly amount into Themes or stocks of your choice. Currently, Auto Invest is only available with Standard GIA, ISA and JISA accounts.
  • One-off Buy – as it says, make one-off investments whenever you like. One-off investments with our Instant GIA are instant, meaning they are executed immediately, within market open hours. One-off buys via our Standard ISA, GIA or Junior ISA (JISA) are executed once a day, during work days, around 15:00.
  • Round Ups – we round up each transaction you make (from a linked account) to save money towards your investment pot. Currently, Round Ups are only available with Standard GIA, ISA and Junior ISA (JISA) accounts.

Still have questions?

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