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June 19, 2024

Vegan Stocks: The Power of Plant-Based Investing

Vegan Investing: How to Invest Ethically

Not long ago, vegan food options were limited. The space is now occupied by brands valued in the hundreds of millions, or even billions of dollars. Predictions show that the vegan food industry could grow by annual compound rate of 10.5% per year through 2026.*


Demand for plant-based options

Whether it’s for personal health, or environmental impact, people are demanding more plant-based options for meat, milk, cheese, even eggs. For some it’s a matter of ethics, of saying ‘Why slaughter animals when there are acceptable plant-based alternatives?’


For others it’s a matter of economies of scale. A finite planet with finite resources, cannot continue feeding a growing population dependent on animal products. 


What are vegan stocks?

If we’re talking strictly vegan, then these are brands providing plant-based alternatives to animal products. Their goal, aside from profit and environmental targets, is to create a product that’s equal or better than its animal-based counterpart. 


Some of these brands also have large followings amongst those with certain dietary restrictions, such as dairy intolerance. 


Where can you invest?

Two of the biggest names in the vegan space are Beyond Meat, and Oatly. Valued at $1.9bn and $1.7bn respectively, these American and Swedish brands are gigantic global players.*


Image displays the logo of vegan stocks Beyond Meat logo and Oatly


What about Funds?

While not strictly vegan, there are plenty of brands pushing for a more sustainable food production chain. Brands working as grassroots to change how food is grown and distributed. 


You’ll find these brands in our Future of Food fund (only available on Standard accounts). You can invest in this, and any NuWealth fund, from just £10. Capital at risk.

Hands holding an apple made to look like Earth to represent Rize's vegan ETF: The Future of Food. The main image is surrounded by vegan stock company logos


Should you invest in vegan stocks?

Some top analysts think so. UBS predicts plant-based meat will grow more than 30% annually, while Keefe, Bruyette & Woods expects annual growth in the oat milk sector will top 13%.*


Alongside investing in shares, there’s also The Future of Food, our fund dedicated to pioneers in more sustainable food production. 

An image displaying the logos of companies that fall under the vegan investing category


We’ve said before that you vote with your investments. You back those companies you want to succeed. But whether you invest in vegan stocks for moral and environmental reasons, or for purely financial ones, there’s no doubt that the plant-based industry is on the move. 


Just remember to always do your research, and invest according to your own goals. When investing your capital is at risk.



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Remember when investing, your capital is at risk.
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