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June 3, 2024

Future-Proofing Your Investment Portfolio With Global Connectivity

The importance of Global Connectivity 

It doesn’t seem like long ago when the novelty of the Internet of Things had us making jokes about connected fridges and light bulbs. But in 2023, connected devices, vehicles, even medical equipment, are commonplace.

An estimated 5.3 billion people globally are now connected to the Internet, up from 3.9 billion in 2018. The number of connected devices is estimated to outnumber the global population 3 to 1. That’s three connected devices per person, on average (although we should take these numbers, and any other stats, with a pinch of salt, given that much of the developing world is still without any form of connectivity).

Around 5.7 billion people will achieve mobile connectivity this year, and despite the controversy surrounding its introduction and usage, 5G will account for 10% of connected devices by the end of this year.

But the fact is, around one-third of the world’s population is still without internet access. Work is underway to address this, with several big names getting in on the action.

Connecting the planet

One example of a brand using its clout to bring internet access to remote areas is Starlink, a subsidiary of SpaceX. Its network of satellites can, in theory, bring wireless internet access to areas of the planet with no existing infrastructure.

But what does all of this have to do with investing and your NuWealth portfolio?

Well, global connectivity has always been attractive to investors, because it’s something all of us (arguably) need, and something which is non-cyclical (i.e. not subject to trends or cycles).

In a world that continues to become more and more digitally connected, investing in global connectivity technology seems a pretty sure-fire bet.

Investing in global connectivity on NuWealth

While you can’t invest in SpaceX because they’re a private company, there are plenty of other big names you can invest in, who are making steps towards total global connectivity. 

From cloud networks to the computers and chips that run those networks, here are some of the companies you can invest in with NuWealth.

Amazon (AMZN) +33% in the past 6 months

Alphabet (GOOGL) +29% in the past 6 months

Microsoft (MSFT) +41% in the past 6 months

Nvidia (NVDA) +159% in the past 6 months

Intel (INTC) +12% in the past 6 months

IBM (IBM) +12% in the past 6 months

Vodafone (VOD) -21% in the past 6 months

Remember, your capital is at risk when you invest. Always seek to build a diverse portfolio.

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Remember when investing, your capital is at risk.
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