These are NuWealth’s thematic funds and individual shares available for you to invest in. We’ve handpicked specific Themes and Shares we think you will love. Tap on a Theme or share to find details related to the individual companies and their performance over time.

What is a Theme?

We group our funds into Themes. You can think of a fund as a basket of assets. When you invest in a fund, you invest in a fraction of many different companies and/or assets and can diversify your portfolio. Funds are generally perceived as less risky than for example, individual stocks or shares.

What is a Share?

A “share” or “stock” represents partial ownership in a single company. You can then either hold the share, hoping that the company will increase in value over time, sell the share to try and make a profit, and/or earn recurring dividend payments to your account as you are entitled to a portion of the company’s profits.

Note: Not all companies pay dividends

What do the chillies mean?

For the Themes we have on the platform, the “synthetic risk and reward indicator” (SRRI) is used to classify investments into varying risk levels. Basically, the greater number of chillies means the higher the risk associated with the investment, which can mean higher returns but also higher losses.

Note: For individual shares, the chilli rankings do not apply.

Remember your capital is at risk. For more information please see the full article on our website here.